CAA Registration

By the 30th November 2019:
ALL model aircraft fliers in the UK including those who fly Drones must obtain a CAA Competence Certificate to enable them to fly legally in the UK. (Those who already have Achievement Certificates issued by BMFA, SAA or LMA are exempt from this process).
NOTE  BMFA Members have until the 31st January 2020 to pass the test but cannot fly until they have done so!! This test can be taken repeatedly at any time until a pass is obtained. DMFC will help any Member having problems with this test.
By the 31st January 2020:
ALL model aircraft fliers in the UK must be CAA registered and have obtained a Registration Number. Each Member’s unique CAA ‘Registration number’ (10 digits) MUST be applied to all their models either outside or inside.
This will be obtained by DMFC for its BMFA members when they renew their BMFA subscription for 2020 (£38 seniors). The Registration fee will be an additional £9 and may be paid at the same time as renewing their BMFA membership.
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