Weather Information about RAF Tain

The weather report (cryptic version) is in flying circles either a TAF or a METAR. These are the reports that pilots refer to before flying to a destination they use the airfield code which in the UK starts with ‘EG’. The 2nd part of the code is airfield specific, in our case the interesting air field is RAF TAIN its identifier is EGQA (this is also know as the ICAO code). The weather report can be either Manual or Automatic showing the important weather from a pilots point of view (probably our point of view as well). The TAF for the example below was copied from our website on the 5th September 2019 in the early afternoon.

EGQA 051250Z 27016KT 9999 VCSH FEW014 SCT023 14/// Q1018 WHT
TAIN RANGE (SAWS Airfield name we know it as RAF TAIN
EGQA The airfield identifier
051250Z The 5th day of the month at 12:50 Zulu (GMT)
27016KT 9999 The current wind direction in this 270 or westerly at 16 knots with a visibility of 10 kilometers
VCSH V means, in the vicinity, Showers
FEW014 SCT023 Variable few clouds at 1400 feet, scattered clouds AT 2300 FEET
14/// Dont know about this field yet, I think it means next reading at 14:00
Q1018 Area mean sea level pressure
Aerodrome Colour State Surface visibility  3/8 cloud
5/8 cloud
Blue (BLU) 8 KM 2500 FT 10 KM 1500 FT
White (WHT) 5000 M 1500 FT 5000 M 1200 FT
Green (GRN) 3700 M 700 FT 4000 M 600 FT
Yellow 1 (YLO1) 2500 M 500 FT
Yellow 2 (YLO2) 1600 M 300 FT
Amber (AMB) 800 M 200 FT 500 M 200 FT
Red (RED) Less than 800 M Below 200 FT or Sky obscured Less than 500 M Below 200 FT or Sky obscured